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To run any of the examples below, you first must load the library and and data:

> library(MatchIt)
> data(lalonde)

Our example data set is a subset of the job training program analyzed in Lalonde (1986) and Dehejia and Wahba (1999). MATCHIT includes a subsample of the original data consisting of the National Supported Work Demonstration (NSW) treated group and the comparison sample from the Population Survey of Income Dynamics (PSID).3.1 The variables in this data set include participation in the job training program (treat, which is equal to 1 if participated in the program, and 0 otherwise), age (age), years of education (educ), race (black which is equal to 1 if black, and 0 otherwise; hispan which is equal to 1 if hispanic, and 0 otherwise), marital status (married, which is equal to 1 if married, 0 otherwise), high school degree (nodegree, which is equal to 1 if no degree, 0 otherwise), 1974 real earnings (re74), 1975 real earnings (re75), and the main outcome variable, 1978 real earnings (re78).


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